Teens organize fundraisers for injured/hospitalized classmate

By Carly O'Keefe - bio | email

MURPHYSBORO, IL (KFVS) - Murphysboro teens are working to help an uninsured teen injured in an accident.

Friends say Garrett Peterman is a funny kid, some even call him a goofball; but on May 28, the laughter stopped. The 17-year-old Murphysboro boy was crushed by a truck and has since had to undergo surgery after surgery in a St. Louis hospital.

"He had a lot of damage to his abdominal area, and his lungs," said Garrett's sister, Shawna Peterman. "He had a couple of cracked vertebrae. They fixed everything, they're just working to get him to breathe on his own now and that's where he's having some difficulty."

But the difficulties don't stop there; Garrett's family has no health insurance. That's why three Murphysboro girls: Jenna Biggs, Danielle Cochran and Lesley Guetersloh, got together to try to help.

"It's really hard on their family right now. So we're trying to do whatever we can to help, trying to get the community to help with this," said Biggs.

The girls gathered donated items for a yard sale, set them out in front of Murphysboro High School and were open for business. They even camped out overnight to watch over their wares making sure every item has the potential to bring in money to support Garrett's family.

"It's awesome that there are people that close to my brother that they want to help that much. The community is awesome for it. Those three girls are amazing," Shawna Peterman said.

The girls say it hasn't been a cake walk. In 90 plus degree heat, at times, it's been downright miserable; but they say that doesn't matter. It's all about doing some good for Garrett.

"I'm hot and gross, but I still feel good about what I'm doing," Biggs said.

The yard sale continues at Murphysboro High School Saturday from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m.

If you'd like to give cash, you can donate to the Garrett Peterman Fund at the Bank of Carbondale.

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