Commerce Flooding Problems




Commerce Flooding Problems
By Tony Hensley

 (Commerce, MO)--It happens every year, Heavy rains and rising waters flood the same Heartland homes time after time. 

But, some residents in the small river town of Commerce decided not to get away from the battle. Instead, They compromise and try and work with the Mississippi River.

In the past, many of Missouri's most prosperous towns could be found along the mighty Mississippi.   The small village of Commerce owed its past prosperity to the Mississippi River. But now, instead of prosperity the river brings problems.

   Back in the heyday of river boats, when America moved by water, the river front in Commerce was a bustling area of freight and passengers coming and going. But that was long ago.   Now the river has become an enemy, one Theresa Wright has come to deal with.

Theresa says, "I've spent a lot of hours working hard to put this business where it's at".

Wright and her family choose to sell their home to the goverment back in the 90's. But for their business, They built a five foot concrete wall around it. Making sure when rains force the river to leave it's banks they have more than a plan.

"It's just a part of life now theres no going back....just forward" Theresa says.

Woodrow Pierson may not be moving forward. But, he seems to be going with the flow. Pierson has been doing the same thing for the past fifty years....nothing.  Pierson says, "Every time that water comes up it gets a little higher every year."

 Theresa Wright's husband was also born in Commerce and that's why the mighty Mississippi will not run them out either.  Theresa says, "Yes we intend to stay that's why this wall is here. That's why we have all these little planters out in the area. We plan on staying".

Both Theresa and Woodrow says, "When you live next to the river you just have to learn to except the fact that one day the mississippi river might take you downstream with it".