KY Concealed Weapons Law




KY Concealed Weapons Law
By CJ Cassidy.

(Ballard Co., KY)--In Kentucky, folks have the right to carry concealed weapons on them, according to a law that has been in effect since 19-99.

Police say thanks to the law, they've seen a very significant drop in the crime rate.  In fact people say the law is so effective they can't imagine why Governor Holden would veto it in Missouri.

"Would you come up to try to carjack my car if i had a pistol on laying beside me or one in my coat?" asks Ballard County Deputy Sheriff Hugh Wear.
Wear is so in favor of the concealed guns law in Kentucky; he owns a gun shop.
"Those people who get concealed carry weapons are better calibre of people; crooks are going to have guns anyway" he told Heartland News.

Pat Dennis carries a concealed gun with her at all times. She says it just helps add to her peace of mind. "I would hate to shoot anybody with intent to do some harm but if they're coming after me then I figure they're going to do me harm first" Dennis said.

Officer Wear says it's so much more dangerous when people buy guns and never get the proper training to use them.  If you did carry a concealed weapon, you would have to go through that required training first.