Growing Together: Raising Toddlers



Growing Together: Raising Toddlers
By: Wendy Ray

Jana and Darrin Scott have their hands full. They're busy raising two little girls and getting ready for another baby. They've had to do some adjusting, moving the girls into the same room, so the baby can have his own nursery. And Jana was busy teaching kindergarten, but a lot has changed since the last time we saw the Scotts. In just a matter of days, both Jana and Darrin's health forced them to stay at home, but for two very different reasons.

"It's definitely been interesting around here," Jana says. Interesting is an understatement. If Jana and Darrin's lives weren't busy enough, raising six year old McKinzie, two year old Maddie, getting ready for another one, not to mention working full time jobs, things got a lot more interesting.

A night of playing in a charity basketball game changed everything. "I really didn't think I had broken it," Darrin says. "I just figured I had twisted it or hurt something,. We he told me I had broken it, I thought, man." But a broken knee was just the beginning. "The day after he had surgery for that I started contracting," Jana says. "She called me at school and said, 'I'm having contractions, they're going to keep me here,'" Darren says. Jana was put on medication to slow down her contractions. She was also put on bed-rest, which meant no teaching for the rest of the school year.

So both Jana and Darrin were home, and couldn't do much. Darrin's better, but still on crutches. Family and friends have helped out. It's also been an adjustment for McKinzie and Maddie. "McKinzie's been a real help, she's my feet and my hands and will do things for me," Jana says. "But Maddie doesn't understand, she's like all right, it's party time." But they're all getting through it and getting ready for the baby, who's due in June. "The baby's doing great, heart rate's great, he's getting in position," Jana says. "You start thinking about things like pretty soon, we're going to have to get up in the morning for feedings, on top of McKinzie and Maddie needing to do stuff," Darrin says. "We're getting ready for a lot of action."

Jana stopped taking medicine to slow down her contractions Tuesday, so the baby may come before his due date. But what he will be named is still up in the air. Jana and Darrin have had a hard time agreeing on what they want to name him.