A journey on horseback for all kids

By Arnold Wyrick - bio | email

MARION, IL (KFVS)- Journey Farms is a horse riding farm, for kids only.

Before the kids ever get to sit in a saddle, they start with learning how to care for the horses.

"We teach them everything from A-Z," Paul Gregoire said.

"They not only get on and ride, they actually learn how to care for them. And they help us with a horse when it's sick.

The kids also learn how to saddle their own horses. And all the other aspects of horsemanship.

It's skills that go far beyond taking the reigns in their hands and heading out on the trail.

"They learn how to take care of a pet in general. I have a dog and two cats at home and she helps take care of them. That's why I'm bringing my granddaughter here to the farm," said Roberta Eldridge.

"And it's teaching them responsibility."

Paul wants all kids here in Southern Illinois to enjoy the journey on horseback.

"We call it Riding to Recovery. And it's for kids who are having medical problems. We would like to give these kids an opportunity to come out and get lost in something fun for a little bit," Gregoire said.

And it won't cost their parents a dime. Each ride ends with a final grooming of the horses, then some treats for them and the kids.

For more information, email journeyfarm@msn.com.

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