Growing Together: Raising A Baby




Growing Together: Raising A Baby
By: Wendy Ray

In February, we kicked off a new series called Growing Together.

From raising your first child, to getting through the teen years, we're following five families through the different stages of their lives.
We start off with Gloria and Darrin Sauerbrunn. The last time we saw them, they were expecting their first child. Ultrasounds indicated it was going to be a girl, but to everyone's surprise Jacob Kenneth was born February 13th. Now almost three months later mom, dad, and baby are doing great. But as Gloria and Darrin soon found out, a child changes everything.

Jacob, who is almost three months old now, is the center of his parent's attention. They watch every move he makes, but it's his activity during the night that's made Gloria and Darrin aware things have definitely changed. "Lack of sleep has been the biggest thing to get used to," Gloria says. "It's not that he doesn't sleep through the night, it's just we don't get seven or eight hours in a row anymore," Darrin says.

But sleep schedules haven't been the biggest adjustment to make. After seven weeks of maternity leave, Gloria had to go back to work teaching at Scott City. So Darrin, along with the grandparents, are taking turns watching Jacob until Gloria gets out of school for the summer.

This week, Darrin took time off from his job, to watch his son. "He's getting to where he'll smile at you and coo at you, so it's fun," Darrin says. "He's either with his grandparents or with dad or mom, so it makes it a lot easier to go back when he's this little," Gloria says. Gloria admits so far motherhood has been a whirlwind, but she says everyday gets off to the right start, just by looking at her little boy. "The best thing is the smile in the morning, he's such a morning baby and when you go in he has a huge smile on his face," she says.

Jacob did have problems with his blood sugar when was born, but everything's fine now. Other than his parents having to find the right formula for him, Jacob is a healthy baby and has doubled his weight since he was born.