City Struck with Tornadoes 2nd Time in Four Years

Kyle Carter of Dexter, MO, goes to Freed-Hardeman University in Madison Co., TN, just outside the city of Jackson.  He works for the Jackson Diamond-Jaxx, a Chicago Cubs Double-A baseball team.  But after last night's storm, he says he doesn't even recoginze the city.

"Some places just aren't there anymore...the buildings just aren't there," says Carter.  When we met with him, he was sitting safely on his porch in Dexter, MO, but just last night he was out driving back from Jackson, Tennessee, and dodging storms as he went.

"I just missed both tornadoes," Carter admits.

Lucky for him, bad for Jackson.  The historic downtown district of Jackson is decimated. Buildings are demolished, power is out, and phones service down.  11 people died, 65 are injured, and about 70 homes were destroyed just East of downtown.

This is the second time in four years that Jackson has been hit hard by tornadoes.

Carter works as a team photographer for the Diamond-Jaxx and says recent improvements to the baseball stadium were wiped-out.  "That's where the picnic gazebo was," he says, pointing to a picture he took of the field, displayed on his laptop computer.

Even today, Carter says he's having trouble raising his friends on the phone. "A lot of people have no phone, can't get 'em on the regular phone, no cell phone, can't get to the internet, newspapers web site is off," mentions Carter. "Some places awhere I stood yesterday are not there today," he says.

Power is still out in a broad area of Jackson and Madison County, including their water treatment plant.  Residents are boiling their water, and picking up.