Quakes Felt In Heartland




Quakes Felt In Heartland
By CJ Cassidy

Some heartland residents are all shaken up, after a series of quakes rattle the Heartland.

The U.S. Geological Survey says a microquake took place at 10:25 PM last night close to New Madrid measuring 2.7on the Richter scale. Another one took place early this morning in hamilton county, measuring 3.2.

The quakes add up to three in the Heartland... the first happened April 30th in Blytheville, AR. 

Of course these all come after a first quake measuring 4.6 rattled homes in Georgia, April 29th.

"The quake hit didn't last very long but was quite sharp. The USGS said it was a 2.7 but a 2.7 underneath your feet feels like about a 4.0,"Mike Geske who experienced the quake in New Madrid said.

Geske says he isn't worried however; that's because earthquake experts say they can't necesserily predict when the next quake could hit..