Cairo Shake Up





Cairo Shake Up
By: Randall Kamm

(Cairo, IL)--The feuding for municipal control of Cairo began as soon as Paul Farris was sworn in as Mayor of Cairo Thursday morning.

When the ceremony ended, the new mayor went to city hall, but when he went inside, the new mayor found it was old business as usual. The Cairo City Council, led by Joey Thurston, was ready to have a special meeting.

Mayor Paul Farris said: "No! There will be no meeting."

Joey Thurston replied:"No, there's gonna be a meeting."

Mayor Farris responded: "There are pressing issues in the community that have to be taken care of. I'll make my appointments at the next regularly scheduled meeting."

Mr. Thurston then said: "No. Hey, you can respect me like I respect you. We are having a meeting."

With that, Mayor Farris left, and Thurston let the audience know who he thought was in charge.

Mr. Thurston said: "If anyone doesn't want to attend the meeting, you can go tour city hall, which is under my control."

The doors were then closed, and the Cairo City Ccouncil went into special session, passing several resolutions, most of which were aimed at limiting the Mayor's power.

Paul Farris: "They've said for several months that they have no intention of working with me. They say its 5 vs. 1.

Mr. Thurston:"I met with Mr. Farris yesterday and he said all of 10 words, that shows the interest he has."

After he was sworn in, the new mayor appointed new city department heads, including City Clerk, Treasurer, and City Attorney.

But at the council meeting, the old Clerk, Treasurer and Attorney continued their jobs as usual, even though their replacements had already been sworn in.

Mayor Farris: "They have been removed and will be formally dismissed."

But Joey Thurston, who was interim mayor before Paul Farris took office, says the people in those jobs are staying.

Mr. Thurston: "We will reaffirm the people we have."

Mayor Farris:" I will clean house."

Mr. Thurston: "This is gonna get deep. Lots of lawyers and the taxpayers will pay the bill."

Mayor Thurston:"I've been threatened that we'll be in court. If that's the case, so be it."