DARE Program Eliminated




DARE Program Eliminated
By CJ Cassidy

(New Madrid Co., MO)--DARE is a program designed to keeps kids off the streets and away from drugs.
How effective it is, is up for debate; but it isn't the effectiveness of the D.A.R.E. program that's causing one Heartland county to shut down the program in their schools.
Thursday was the last D.A.R.E graduation ceremony for New Madrid County Middle School students. Now law enforcement officers are afraid the program's message will be lost.
"They're not going to have anyone from the law enforcement side there showing support to the students, showing them that they can resist drugs" D.A.R.E. Officer Susan Wheeler said.
County Commissioners say they've funded the program for close to eight years and can no longer afford to do spend the $40,000 annually.
Students say they'll miss the lessons they consider so very important, and also miss learning from their officer.