Vickie Treadway - Kennett High School

Vickie Treadway

Kennett High School

7th through 12th

Band, Music Appreciation

"As a person she is funny, kind, honest, and helpful.  She dedicates countless hours to youth everyday  Plus...she is always coming up with great ideas.  Right now she is thinking of putting on a concert thanking our troops."

"She tries to get the students of today more involved in community activities and make them better people."

"I have learned more from her than any other teacher, not only about playing the right notes but about life."

"She tells us that she wants us all to be successful and that it is up to us to make the right decisions.  She makes time to see students as individuals, not just a class."

"In everything we do she manages to put a little laughter into it and make everyone smile."

"I have been her student for five years and she has brought lots of joy into my life.  When someone wants to quit or give up, she is always there to encourage them to keep going."

"She always has faith and hope and believes in us no matter what."