Karen Sargent - Arcadia Valley High School

Karen Sargent

Arcadia Valley High School
Ironton, Missouri

High School

English, Communication Arts

"...she values her students' time and uses it wisely to provide excellent learning activities. She encourages her students to reach higher and search deeper in their quest for success. She remains a resource and friend to students who graduate from this high school."

"She emphasizes reading, writing, and speaking skills but also incorporates lessons involving career and college...She likes people and students and she shows it."

"I have been a student of Mrs. Sargent for three years...and have enjoyed every moment of it. Not only has she inspired me to excel in English, but she has also inspired me to excel in life, and to be the best I can be."

"She has inspired me in more ways than she may ever know. She has taught me to believe in my dreams...I can only hope that I will someday...mirror her character."