Roof Ripped Off by Wind

Roof Ripped Off by Wind
By: Arnold Wyrick
(Mt. Vernon, IL)--Monday started out sunny and warm in Mount Vernon. But by mid-afternoon things had changed drastically. A strong storm struck the Napa Auto Parts store around 2 pm.
"It started to get a little breezy and sprinkling. And then all of a sudden there was just a huge gust of wind," says Allen Holden who manages the auto parts store. He was outside when the storm hit unloading a delivery of parts. "Somebody hollered at me and said your roofs gone," Holden said.
Within in seconds of the roof being torn off by the powerful winds rain began leaking into the store. "We started seeing water coming in everywhere. We realized we needed to cut the power, so we shut off the computers real quick," said Holden.
A walk through the store and the damage left behind is evident wherever you look. Thousand of auto parts in cardboard boxes sit soaked on the shelves, water is still standing throughout the stock room. And as you look up you can see sunlight streaking through the boards that used to hold the roof in place. Holden's store was the most severely damaged by the storm and he's feeling a little bit singled out.
But he says there is a bright spot in the aftermath of the destructive wind. " It's just luck there wasn't somebody out in the parking lot walking in. I think the roof would've killed them. It did crush one of the stores delivery truck and an employees car," Holden said. Police reported several tree limbs throughout the Mount Vernon area snapped off by the storm, but no one was injured.