Help for Ameren UE Customers




Help for Ameren UE Customers
By CJ Cassidy

A new program offered in Missouri by Ameren UE can now help you settle your past due gas and electric bills.

It's called the Dollar More Clean Slate program.  If you owe more than $600.00 in utility bills that have added up, and you qualify, you can get help paying it off.

Ameren representatives say they will use $3, 000, 000 approved by the government to help customers settle their past due bills.

The program kicks off on the first of May and runs through the 31st of May or until the money is all spent.  It will be given out on a first come first serve basis. The East Missouri Action Agency is handling the process.

They say in order to qualify you must be eligible under federal guidelines for low income households. For example if you are single, you would need to make a little less than 9-thousand dollars a year.

If you have children, that number varies, depending on the number of people in your family and the total income per year.

For more information call the East Missouri Action Agency here in Cape Girardeau at (573) 334-5533.