Elderly Volunteers




Elderly Volunteers
By: Wendy Ray

(Cape Girardeau, MO)--They aren't doctors, but for many in the Heartland they're a major part of medical care.

They're elderly volunteers who donate their time to their peers.
Leila Boldrey is a volunteer who's dedicated her golden years to the cause. She volunteers around 30 hours a week to help friends get to where they need to go.
"If I'm not busy I'll go," Boldrey says. Boldrey is always on the go. Most of the time, you'll find her at the Lutheran Home, helping residents like Martha Kassel get to the doctor's office. "I think it's really nice and convenient for me," Kassel says. "I just like to help them and they always need somebody," Boldrey says. "There are just not enough people to do it."
At 77 years old, Boldrey's no stranger to volunteerism. She's done it her whole life. She's in high demand at the nursing home. Some residents plan their schedules around her, so she can take them to the doctor. Boldrey puts the residents needs before hers. "My time will wait, and I can always do my work," she says. She's in good health and figure's it's the least she can do. Boldrey doesn't get paid for her work, but she does have one small request. "I hope someday they'll take care of me, and I'm sure getting to that age where I'll need help too," she says.

Boldrey also volunteers here time to Southeast Hospital and the Cape Girardeau police station. If you're elderly and need helping getting to the doctor, talk to your local senior center on how you can get help.