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cNews landspout picture from Tyler Samples near 146 and Hwy. NN in Dunklin County on Sunday
cNews landspout picture from Tyler Samples near 146 and Hwy. NN in Dunklin County on Sunday
Test #1 - Emery Cat - Does it Work Pet Week
Test #1 - Emery Cat - Does it Work Pet Week
Sign-up NOW - 5KFVS this Saturday!
Sign-up NOW - 5KFVS this Saturday!

Good Morning
Today is Monday, May 17

This morning most of us will be drying out from Sunday's storms. Brian's working on our Monday forecast and will be giving that to us throughout the morning on The Breakfast Show and on the StormTeam home page.

You should also take a minute or two to look at some cNews pictures from Sunday - viewers are sharing dramatic pictures of landspouts in the Bootheel - it's pretty interesting to see.

This morning on The Breakfast Show Lauren is also kicking off her Does it Work Pet Week. Today she's beginning her tests with the Emery Cat. This scratching area is supposed to entice your finicky feline with some catnip and a feather. Lauren lets a local family try it for 3 weeks - see the results on-air this morning at 6:15 - or if you just can't wait check it out on-line.
Here's Lauren's test schedule this week:

  • Monday - Emery Cat
  • Tuesday - Indestructible Dog Toy
  • Wednesday - Potty Patch
  • Thursday - Pet Hair Magnet
  • Friday - Biotene Mouth Wash

This morning we have an update on the effort to stop the oil leak in the gulf. According to BP progress is being made after using a "riser insertion tube" to siphon off some of the oil and gas coming from the broken well. Get all the latest details at 6 a.m.

It's looking to be a busy week around Heartland News - we're watching the river levels as the Mississippi continues to rise (this weekend I saw for myself how high the Missouri River was - and all that water is coming our way).

We're also making our home-stretch push for this Saturday's 5KFVS run-walk. There is still time to sign-up you and your children - remember there is also a 1 mile run-walk for the kids.

And not to be outdone by everything else going on - this Tuesday we're asking you to help us Stuff-a-Truck! Click here to find out how you can get involved.

Thanks for checking in with us this morning on-air and on-line.

Duncan Phenix
Executive Producer
Heartland News

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