Afternoon update: Four hospitalized after E. coli outbreak

Good afternoon!  Four people were hospitalized over the weekend after an E. coli outbreak at a Sports Complex in Jackson.  Zakk Gammon talks to the facility's owner and health officials about the outbreak.

The Poplar Bluff school district makes major cuts to its summer school program.   Tyler Profilet explains how this impacts 1500 students in the district.

After all the flooding in western Kentucky and Tennessee last week, many home owners are left picking up the soggy pieces without flood insurance.  Holly Brantley breaks down the facts that you need to know about flood insurance.

The mayor of Mt. Vernon, Illinois questions a bill in the state Senate that would give a green light to a multi-million dollar retail project in Marion.  Julia Bruck tells us why the Mt. Vernon mayor is concerned.

Lauren Keith introduces us to another of the Heartland's Best Teachers.  This teacher in Benton, Missouri is the first one for the Kelly School District.

The Missouri Department of Transportation and Amtrak are giving away free train travel and tickets to Royals and Cardinals baseball games this summer.

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