Cairo Mayor Resigns




Cairo Mayor Resigns
By CJ Cassidy

(Cairo, IL)--Cairo residents were in for a surprise today. Their mayor stepped down with eight days left to go in his term.  Former Mayor James Wilson says all he wants is an extra week off to enjoy the beautiful weather.

Wilson says he's put in twelve long years as mayor of this economically struggling river town., but now he's ready to hand over the reins to someone else and spend more time riding his harley.

"People are ready for a change I'm not too disappointed with the change myself the job is a very difficult one lot of problems you face good for me I get a breather from it," Wilson said.

Incoming Mayor Paul Farris says he is eagerly awaiting the first of May when he'll be sworn in.

Cairo's Police Chief also stepped down... Farris says he has just the right guy picked out to replace him; we'll find out who that is May first.