Afternoon update: Flooding concerns, three injured after shooting

Good afternoon! Flooding is still a major issue in Livingston County, Kentucky today. Holly Brantley is back in western Kentucky and explains how this flooding is a learning experience for authorities.  More than half of Kentucky's counties have declared states of emergency.

More than 200 miles of the Tennessee River are closed to recreational boats as high waters make for dangerous conditions.  Check out this staggering number!  The Lake Barkley dam was releasing 2.24 million gallons of water a second yesterday!  We've figured out how many swimming pools that equals.  Find out here.

Police arrested a man after a shooting last night in Charleston that injured three people. Tyler Profilet talks with police and witnesses.

Cape Girardeau Police are investigating a crash between a van and a Southeast Missouri State University shuttle.  But get this, we're told the first car that hit the van, fled from the scene, but the license plate fell off on the ground!

A Cape Girardeau County Sheriff's deputy faced the one threat he couldn't handle on duty alone...a stroke.  Kathy Sweeney profiles this man's fight to regain his life and career.

Lauren Keith tests the Perfect Fit Button for today's Does it Work.  It's designed to give you some extra room in the waist, especially after eating a big meal.  Find out if it works!

We honor another of our Heartland's Best Teachers. This teacher in Charleston is loved by her students and co-workers.
Students from schools in the Cape Girardeau area took part in the 25th Annual Youth in Government Day.
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