Sink hole swallows road in Carterville

By Arnold Wyrick

CARTERVILLE, IL(KFVS)-  A giant sink hole has swallowed up a section of East Sycamore Road in Carterville.

"It happened again. We had one a few years ago over by our mailbox," says Rena Weller of Caterville.

Most of the people who live along East Sycamore road have experienced a sink hole in the time they've lived in the area. But, they're not happy about the situation.

"I was wondering how I was going to get in and out of my home," says Vicki Ladd of Carterville.

"Since they've got be blocked off going both ways. I either have to drive through a field or my neighbors yard to get to my house."

The road is blocked to all traffic except those residents who live along East Sycamore. Barricades are up on North Division and Hafer Road.

Ladd says there have been numerous sink holes in the area over her 15 years of living along East Sycamore Road.

"I'd say there's at least 30 from down by Hager Creek over to Division Street."

And some residents know this new sink hole won't be the last one they have to deal with.

"I know there will be some more somewhere that does concern me. Especially when we go out on our property. But, I don't think our home is in any danger at this time," Weller said.

The sink holes are due to mine subsidence in the area. Crews are scheduled to be out working on the newest sink hole on East Sycamore Road on Monday morning.

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