Cape subdivision left high and dry

By Crystal Britt

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - Imagine finding out you'll be without running water until next week.

That's the news people in one Cape Girardeau subdivision learned Friday morning.

Amanda Kirn says she woke up early in the morning to make her six week old baby a bottle. She went to add water and says it was just dripping out of the faucet.

"Barely had enough to make her a bottle", said Amanda Kirn.

Kirn suspected a problem with the well system. It's one her family shares with about 200 other homeowners in the Hillcrest Subdivision West of Cape Girardeau on Route K.

"Since the beginning of the year this is at least the third time the water's been shut off", said Kirn.

But, it's apparently never been this bad.

Judith Propst says, "I went to town and came home and had a notice in the door that they couldn't get anyone to work on it until Tuesday. This is Friday. That's a long time."

Bobby Brandon owns the water and sewer system.

He says the pump down in the well locked up.

He says it's only about three years old, and was supposed to last 12 years.

He doesn't know what the problem is.

He tells Heartland News he's contacted a well drilling service to fix it, but because of potential storm like conditions this weekend, the crew won't be able to repair the pump until at least Tuesday.

Meanwhile, people are stocking up on bottles and jugs of water and things like hand sanitizer.

Amanda Kirn says her family is packing up and leaving for the weekend.

"You can't bathe, and clean, and cook for small children without running water", said Kirn.

It's also a problem for business at the Route K One Stop.

They're still open, but the soda fountain's down and so is the restroom.

Since it's a re-occuring problem people there are hoping for solutions.

"I'd like to see them come up with a back up system because it's happened a couple of times", said Propst.

The owner of the utility also hopes to make changes in the future, and asks for patience.

But for now, that's something many homeowners lack.

"You have to think of people in the neighborhood. You have to think of families. We're not just houses on the street", said Kirn.

Bobby Brandon says he's following all the proper procedures.

He also says once the water does come back on the area will be under a boil water order.

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