YourTurn - 5/3/10

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D. E. Westermann from Cape Girardeau:
"Enough of the tea baggers!! What a bunch of hypocrites! They walk around complaining about the size of the government and yet relish all of the benefits. While police, fire, and education budgets are reduced they want to increase the scope and authority of government by creating a huge program to drug test food stamp recipients. Send the tea baggers back to the Stone Age!!"
Adam Decker from Chester, Illinois:
"I'm tired of people complaining about the government and health care reform…(elected officials) try to do a good job but (sometimes) do not. If you do vote them out of office at least make sure you are replacing them with good people and are not just electing blindly against incumbents. Also, health care is a great idea that should have happened a long time ago."
Bill Johnson from Anna, Illinois:
"The news reports say our Governor is laying off school workers…I was always told (growing up) by the government to stay in school…it is not fair to take money from our (children's) education."

Sherry Davis from Chafee, Missouri:
"Regarding the lady from Olive Branch, Illinois who blasted CBS for endorsing Aruba, I started going to Aruba in 1984 and continue to enjoy this beautiful island. The people are friendly and the views breathtaking…no matter if you are in Aruba or Alabama a little common sense is required."

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