Are today's youth losing their religion?

By Crystal Britt

JACKSON, MO (KFVS) - Are today's youth losing their religion? A new study suggests they are.

A group called Lifeway Christian Resources recently surveyed 1200 18 to 29 year olds.

72% of them say they're really more spiritual than religious, and most of them say they don't pray, don't worship, and don't read the Bible.

Church and church life is a way of life for 17 year old Tyler Myers.

He has friends in the youth group, but knows plenty of people who aren't religious or even spiritual...perhaps increasingly so.

"Society today is different. Parents are more laid back then before. There's more choices. Kids can make their own decisions", said Tyler Myers.

On the campus of Southeast Missouri State University Heartland News asked students about the recent study, are they surprised that more young people are perhaps drifting away from their faith?

"No. It doesn't surprise me at all", said Ronald Walker.

"No definitely not", said Sara Head. "I think when people come to college they open up to new ideas and meet people from different cultures...not focus on religion, but being a better person."

"I feel like the old church style is old. People got used to it, and it got stale", said Walker.

Crossroads Fellowship youth minister Tim Winborne hopes his church in Jackson is reaching today's generation.

He's not surprised by the new findings, and is actually pleased with the fact that people are becoming more spiritual and less religious.

"That's how I teach our kids that religion and boundaries are wrong. Spirituality is what's right. Seeking after Christ and Christ alone and letting all the politics and church stuff go", said Winborne.

19 year old Rachel Wright was by no means blown away when Heartland News told her about the recent study.

"It's not surprising," said Wright.

She agrees young people today are praying less, and worshipping less...saying may be today's churches should do more to cater to youth.

"That's an age that's left out a lot in most churches", said Wright.

In fact she says that's an increased focus at her church, something she considers a must.

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