Heartland Girl Lifts Soldiers Spirits

Heartland Girl Lifts Soldiers Spirits
By: Arnold Wyrick

(Murphysboro, IL)--Handwritten letters have almost become a thing of the past for some military families who've chosen electronic e-mail to stay in touch with their loved ones serving in the armed forces. But 15 year old Emily Wece of Murphysboro is keeping the handwritten letters tradition to our soldiers alive.

"A lot of them don't get letters from home or from their even from their families. And it's nice to talk to somebody, I get a lot of kind words," says Wece as she writes out letter number 3,128. That's right over the past four years she's written more then 3,000 letters to soldiers around the world. How did she get started?

"My mother that's how everything gets started," Wece said. " My mother suggested to me when I was 11 to write to my uncle and brother serving in the military. And it's just a nice way to support them." says Wece.
She's written to service men and women in every branch of the military. And she's even heard back from a Major in the Army. But it was a recent letter from a PFC fighting with the 82nd Airborne in Iraq, that touched her heart the most. "He said that he knew god had sent that letter to him. So that was really special that I touched him that much," Wece said as she opened two large folders filled with letters and souvenirs from soldiers around the world. But that's not all she got in those returned letters accompanied by many thanks. "A lot of people have actually told me a lot about life, love what you do, and always be yourself. I've gotten lots of good advice from them and I want to get other kids involved in doing this. But not for just right now, I want to get kids to do it forever." said Emily.
If you would like to know more about Emily Wece's letter writing club just click on this link www.geocities.com/gwece/clovers.