Boy Scouts can now earn video game honor

By Tyler Profilet

POPLAR BLUFF, MO (KFVS) - The Boy Scouts of America is acknowledging just how important video games are to young boys.

Several Webelo Scouts in Poplar Bluff have earned an honorary video game belt loop for playing games on the Nintendo Wii.

"With the other ones, I knew we were earning it because we actually worked on it. With the video game one, I really didn't think that we were working on it, we were just playing and I didn't know we were working on it," says scout Matthew Miller.

Getting the video game notch on your belt requires more than just playing.

Scouts must play games with their parents, play an educational game that will help with school work, and create a schedule for playing, budgeting in time for homework and chores.

Scout leaders say it's a sign of the times.

"A lot of people think Boy Scouts is boring and they don't realize how much fun we do have," says Assistant Cub Master Becky Simpson.  "We do other activities other than outside like camping. We do indoor activities and video games are great for kids to learn together."

Webelo Den Leader Dennis Swoveland says the boys also learn sportsmanship, sharing, and teamwork while playing video games, core values also taught in the scouts other activities.

The scouts are also required to research the game rating system.

And leaders expect technology to continue to play a larger role in boy scouts.

"They do have computer belt loops as well as the video games," says Swoveland. "So everything they can learn towards technology will only help them in the future."

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