Missouri summer school programs could be cut

By Laura Wibbenmeyer - bio | email

PERRYVILLE, MO (KFVS) - Missouri's budget problems may close the doors of summer schools all over the Heartland, and it could impact students, families and teachers.

Perryville Elementary principal Jennifer Streiler says about half of her students attend summer school and if it wasn't offered, more than 400 kids would need a place to go this summer.  She say's that would be devastating.

"The state has always funded summer school," Streiler said.

She says to run summer school for K through 12 it costs about $150, 000 and that's not a bill her school district can afford to take on.

"If I were guessing I would say if the state decides that they are not going to fund it at all or they are only going to partially fund it that our school board very well may vote not to have it at all," Streiler said.

Kindergarten teacher Gina Martin says this would hurt not only her financially but many families too.

"Our summer program is basically free," Martin said. "And as teachers we look forward to having that extra paycheck over the summer."

Both Martin and Streiler agree that if summer school is cut, some students will really suffer.

"When they are not here at summer school having that extra four to five weeks of having daily instruction it's going to show when school starts," Martin said.

Principal Streiler says the school should find out more about the state's budget on May 7 and from there the school board will decide the fate of Perryville summer school.

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