Carbondale Mayor Election Recount

Carbondale Mayor Election Recount
By: Arnold Wyrick

The race for Carbondale's next mayor was decided by a mere 21 votes. Brad Cole was elected as the city's next mayor. But his opponent Maggie Flanagan decided to contest the election results and have 6 precincts recounted during her request for a discovery.
The Jackson County Clerk Larry Reinhardt and two others began counting the more then 900 plus ballots by hand Wednesday morning. Two and half hours later the counting was done and both candidates representatives returned from the room where the votes were being counted.
"The first thing we did was verify the numbers matched from the night of the election. Then we went through the absentee ballots," says Reinhardt. "I'm satisfied that there was nothing wrong with the tallied votes on election night. Now the results of this discovery will be released to the canvassing committee and both candidates to be reviewed," Reinhardt said.
A member of Flanagan's campaign tells Heartland News that they'll now focus on another aspect of the voting process.
"The actual results of the recount, we won't do anything with. They didn't change, we didn't expect them to change. We're primarily at this point interested in application for ballots," says Mike Harty.
What Flanagan's campaign committee will be verifying is that all of those who voted in the 6 precincts she's chosen to be recounted are registered voters in those precincts. The next step for Flanagan to pursue in the recount, would be to petition a judge to order a complete recount of all of the votes.
An official result of the discovery recount done by the Jackson County Clerk's office will be released next week after the canvassing committee meets.