Signs Point to Bright Future for Bankrupt Nursing Home




Signs Point to Bright Future for Bankrupt Nursing Home
By: Kate Scott

(Clinton, KY)--The signs point to change in Clinton, Kentucky, where it looks like Tina Conner’s former nursing home could soon have a new owner.

Birchtree was shut down in December, when owner Tina Conner filed for bankruptcy.  At the time, she was in the middle of a sexual affair scandal involving herself and Kentucky Governor Paul Patton. 

On Tuesday afternoon, signs on the former Birchtree Healthcare facility were replaced with new signs that say “Arbor Place.”  John Sells, owner of Arbor Health Care in Sikeston also plans a “major announcement” in Clinton on Wednesday morning, just weeks after he made an offer to buy the bankrupt facility.  Now former workers and other Clinton residents are hopeful that good news is just around the corner.

“We're hoping that the facility will reopen,” says Clinton resident Rhonda Weatherford.  “Back in December when it closed, I had my father there, and we were unsure what we were going to do. But we're so happy that there's going to hopefully be good news.” 

Tiffany Crumble is one of the 29 workers that were laid off when Birchtree closed.  Right now, she’s hopeful that she’ll get her job back.  “I think that they're going to reopen it,” she tells Heartland News.  “I'd be glad to go back, because I miss it. And I'm ready to go back to work. I've been off too long.”  Tammie Jackson is another worker who’s hoping to be rehired in the facility opens under new ownership.  “I understand that we're probably going to have to fill out an application, and I’m ready to do that so I can get back in there and get to work.”

Again, as of Tuesday evening, there had been no official announcement about the reopening of the nursing home.  Stay tuned to Heartland News to find out what happens.