Scott County Jail Opens


Scott County Jail Opens
By CJ Cassidy.

(Benton, KY)--A project in the works for years is finally completed in Scott County.  The county now boasts a brand new four million dollar jail complete with 120 beds and a new security system.

Scott County Sheriff Bill Ferrell says they experienced many delays, but the project was well worth the struggle. "The planning of this jail has been in the process since 1980 when we first realized we needed a new jail," Ferrell said. 

County officials also say the extra space the new jail affords them helps house all their inmates, and cuts down the cost of housing inmates in other jails in the area.

 No date has yet been set to tear down the old Scott County jail but Sheriff Ferrell says that will be the final step in completing the project for the new jail. The area where the old jail now stands will be used to build a parking lot and a sidewalk.