Afternoon update: Fredericktown students return to class

Happy Monday! We've been busy with lots of news stories today.
Holly Brantley visited the students of Fredericktown Middle School who started classes in a local church today after a fire destroyed the school more than a week ago.
Speaking of fire, a suspicious fire destroyed one building at a church campground in Eldorado, IL.
A memorial for the Fredericktown High School teacher killed in a motorcycle crash will be tonight.
Stephanie Byars will give us some tips on going green just in time for Earth Day which is Thursday.

Missouri hopes to save $26 million by closing down a state prison.  To do so, some felons would not be sent to prison and instead would spend time in the county jail.  Tyler Profilet talks with local county sheriffs and prosecutors about what that means for Heartland jails. 

On a positive note, three heartland communities were given nearly $340,000 in grants to help build some community facilities for the rural public.
Paducah, Kentucky was also awarded over $900,000 in grant money to help with their riverfront project. The grant money comes from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife's Services.
For all the hunters out there, spring turkey season starts today in Missouri. Good luck!
Have a great day!
Christy Hendricks
News Web Producer
& Amber Ruch
Heartland News Intern