Teddy Mascot




Teddy Mascot
By Tony Hensley

(Cape Girardeau, MO)--People all across the heartland are showing their support for our troops in some way.

And one Heartland woman is going above and beyond the call.  She's come up with a way to help our troops overseas, stay closer to their families here at home.

Imagine you have a loved one over seas right now and you would love nothing more than to hear their voice. Jan Ramey has come up with a way to help make that happen.

The smell of hot apple pie is in the air at "the cottage". But ironically, this isn't a bakery.  In fact, the only thing cooking here is a great idea.

Ramey says, "I just wanted to let our troops know we are thinking about them". All the proceeds from the sale of  Teddy Mascot goes toward buying AT&T International Calling Cards.

Debbie Brown has a son, twenty two year old Mathew Zschillde. Mathew is currently serving over seas with the U.S. Navy.  Debbie hopes that Teddy Mascot finds his way to Mathew. But, in the mean time Teddy Mascot is a great way to help make this war a little more bear-able.

Debbie says "I think it's a great idea for our troops and for families that have a loved one overseas". An idea store owner Carolyn Russell says is another way to help support our troops.

Carolyn says "I just wanted to help show our support for our troops".

The cost of teddy mascot ranges from five to fifteen dollars.

If you would like to find out how you can get Teddy Mascot and help a soldier stay in touch with there family. Stop by The Cottage on North Kingshighway in Cape or 

call Jan Ramey directly at 573-335-4241.

Every AT&T International Calling Card will also be sent with a Teddy Mascot.