Fredericktown community reeling after middle school fire

By Holly Brantley - email

FREDERICKTOWN, MO (KFVS) – The Fredericktown community is reeling after learning two juveniles are in custody in connection with the fire that destroyed the middle school.

Charges could come soon.  However, Sheriff David Lewis says the suspicious fire is still under investigation.  Investigators believe it started in the office late Saturday night.

"It makes me mad," said 8th grade student Tayla Kemp. "If you don't like the school, you shouldn't set it on fire."

"I feel really bad," said Jacob Halpin. "It kind of hurts."

Even though the fire canceled classes for middle school students, plenty of kids made their way to the grounds anyway.

"I just said the school is gone, but let's have fun one more time here," said 6th grader, Brooklyn Bain.

"Hearing it's likely juveniles is hard to handle," said Superintendent Dr. Kelly Burlison.

Burlison is focused on finding another building.

"We have an old Wal-Mart and the old Brown Shoe building," said Dr. Burlison. "I think anybody who has a free building has called and offered it to us."

Meanwhile, students past and present say they're still in shock over the ordeal.

"It was like a second home," said Halpin.

According to Burlison, he should make a decision about where students will finish up the rest of the year by Tuesday morning.

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