Maintaining Impatiens




Maintaining Impatiens

Paul Schnare

Monday, April 14, 2003


If you want to grow hanging baskets, start out with impatiens.  They are easy to start, bloom prolifically all growing season long, are easy to maintain, and grow in shade.

The standard size plastic basket is 10” in diameter.  Fill the basket with moistened potting mix to one inch from the lip of the basket. 

Plant five impatiens plants in the basket, one in the middle, and the other four around the basket, about two inches from the outside rim.

Water the planted container with a fertilizer solution such as 9-59-8.  The next two times you water the basket, also use the same fertilizer solution.  The high phosphorous fertilizer will encourage good root development.

Place the hanger on the basket and then hang at the appropriate place in your garden. Impatiens tolerate morning sun, but like afternoon shade.

You may have to water your basket daily.  Be sure to check the soil moisture content with your finger.  If the soil is wet, don’t water the basket.  If the soil is dry give it a good drink.

Fertilize your impatiens basket every week with a somewhat balanced fertilizer, such as a 23-18-16, and about one a month with fish emulsion.  You must provide your basket with all of the nutrients that plants need for growth.

If the impatiens get leggy during the summer, give them a good haircut.  Clip them back to with two or three inches of the pot.  They will grow out with renewed vigor and look great in about two or three weeks.