High School Varsity Coach Suspended




High School Varsity Coach Suspended
By: Ryan Tate

(Scott city, MO)--Twenty-seven students are suspended at Scott City High School for drinking at a post-prom party. Now, the varsity girls softball coach joins them on the bench.

Sally O'Brian is suspended for the last nine games of the season, for hosting that post-prom party. Eleven baseball players, nine track athletes, and nine softball players are suspended. Two of the players participate in two sports.

According to the school principal and athletic director, the players admitted to breaking the athletic code.

"I was not going to compile a list. I was not going to check to see if someone was guilty or innocent. I could not disprove anything," Fred Graham said. "To me it says a lot about our students. I am not happy about this situation. But when you have this many students step forward and acknowledge they did wrong, it says something about your student body."

O'Brian is the elementary school physical education teacher. Graham says she will keep that position. Graham says O'Brian's future as softball coach is unknown.