Married couple running against each other for same state office

By Tyler Profilet - bio | email

BONNE TERRE, MO (KFVS) - It's a house divided.

On the left is Democratic Missouri Representative Linda Fischer. On the right is her Republican challenger and husband John Fischer.

John Fischer filed for the election just three days after his wife filed for a restraining order against him.

He says he did not file out of retaliation, and she says she's going to look at this as if it were any other campaign.

People in Bonne Terre say they feel like they could run a campaign against their spouse, although they don't let differences in political thought affect their home life.

"Definitely! I have all the dirt on him," said Diana Merseal.  "But I know what he believes and he knows what I believe and we just leave it at that."

Linda Fischer accused her husband of physical abuse, and John Fischer has denied any wrongdoing.

He says he's running because he disagrees with the way the economy is being handled.

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