Saran Cutting Sheets




Saran Cutting Sheets
By: Amy Jacquin

We should be really careful to keep our hands and countertops clean when working with raw meat in the kitchen, to prevent the spread of bacteria.  A new product claims to help you: Saran Cutting  Sheets.  Use them, then pitch them.  But will they absorb the mess, or just prolong the clean-up?

Saran Disposable Cutting Sheets are made to absorb the germy mess for easy clean-up -- and protect your countertops and cutting boards at the same time. But a caution printed right on the bag warns excessively forecful cutting may result in cutting through the sheet. So before you use them, test one on a cutting board, to determine the appropriate degree of force.

Amy Jacquin takes their advice, to see how hard is too hard, and she points out, she likes her knives sharp!

"That still didn't go through, and I was pressing," she mumbles.  "Now that one did."  She cuts the sheet a few more times, to get the feel for how hard she can press. And then Amy's ready to slice some sirloin.

"I'm going to put a napkin underneath one Cutting Sheet, so that way I can tell if indeed it cuts all the way through," she explains. 

First Amy removes the bone, and then trims all the fat and gristle away. A quick toss of the scraps clears some room on the Cutting Sheet.

"Let's see if it cut through," Amy says, lifting the sheet.  "One spot right there." She flips the other side up, to find it all clear, too... except for the very edge. So the blade cut through in two places.

But another claim is that it absorbs the germy mess."It absorbed quite a bit, but you can still see some juice there," she points out.  "But not as much as a cutting board."

"I think the Cutting Sheet make it more convenient," Amy summarizes.  "But at the same time, it still pierced it."

Which means she still has a mess to clean-up. And Amy insists she wasn't pressing all that hard. So she's leary about putting it on something that could scratch easily. Overall, you're paying to help make the job less messy... not mess free.  So Saran Cutting Sheets earn a 'C-.'

Most department or grocery stores carry them, ranging from $3 to $5 dollars for a pack of 20 sheets.