Blagojevich Struggles with State Budget

Blagojevich Struggles with State Budget
By: Arnold Wyrick

The state of Illinois is in the worst financial situation it has ever been in, with $5 billion dollars in red ink. But Governor Rod Blagojevich says his blueprint for balancing the deficit will work, by using fewer people working harder.

The Governor proposed cutting a number of state departments, and merging others to cut the excess waste in state government. The Governor also proposed holding the line on college student tuition for their four years.

"I think that's a good idea, because then you can afford it. Obviously if you came to this school at that level of paying tuition the you can probably afford to continue at that rate," says Valerie Sieth.

But Governor Blagojevich wants to cut more then a $112 million dollars from higher education budgets to balance out the state. SIU Administrators aren't talking publicly, just yet, about the Governors proposed cuts. But they say they'll look over the budget and figure out how they'll implement the cuts on campus.