YourTurn - 4/5/10

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Joan Bollinger from Bell City, Missouri:
"Regarding government health insurance, if Danny Thomas can open and run a hospital where no child is left out, I can't understand why this country can't do what he did. If the government would shut down insurance companies that discriminate against little children who are sick the country would be better off."
Southeast Missouri viewer Mary Daniels:
"What has happened in America? Our government works for us not for their own needs or special interests…our elected officials are not doing their job. I say let's fire all of them and start over…fellow Missourians when will you have enough? Nothing will change unless we start yelling. Band with ones like me, call your state and government officials and start complaining."
Stan Simpson from Doniphan, Missouri:
"I am totally unimpressed with our state governor. (The state) says it cannot afford to fund education so kids can get a leg up on life and then it turns around and spends a million dollars on a stupid bike race. What besides air is going through the governor's head?"

Carol-Ann Mize from Oak Ridge, Missouri:
"(Regarding Mike Smythe's ViewPoint on the Westfield Sportsmen's Club shooting incident) his argument has little merit. This was a tragedy to any civilized human being…his father had a grave lapse in judgment…there are millions of responsible gun owners and NRA members and we are tired of being labeled as a fringe group of individuals who are radical and uneducated. I have not judged KFVS12 based on the liberal bias of the mainstream media."

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