Heartland Mom Sees Son in National Media - Twice



Heartland Mom Sees Son in National Media - Twice
By  Tony Hensley

(Jackson, MO)--They say a picture is worth a thousand words. That saying could never ring more true for one family in Jackson.

For the second time in five days, photos of  21 year old Private First Class Joshua Butler has appeared on the internet and in the papers.

Kathy says "You look at the picture and he looks very focused to me. He seems very intent on what he's doing...which is his job."

Joshua's mom is also doing her job by staying up to the minute with the war in Iraq. "It's always on the TV and then I get on the internet everyday and I go through the photo's on army times a lot of news channels that have the photos. I go through those to try and catch a glimpse of him," Kathy says.

Her latest glimpse came with a photo of Joshua sitting in a chair guarding the second Presidental Palace in Baghdad.

Seeing pictures on the internet and in the local paper brings up great concern for her baby boy. Kathy says "My fears for him is not only his life being threaten. But, how is this going to affect his mind".

Kathy also says "Joshua can do anthing his sets his mind to. And even though he's going through a lot right now pictures like these let Kathy know he is still doing okay.  "It's just amazing that out of all the pictures in the world there's two pictures of my son. It makes me feel so proud of him and it just confirms that he's alive and well and that's what I need" Kathy says.

Kathy is very proud of her son and says she has no doubt her son's mind is focused on the very important job he faces.