Tires Cleaned Up in Stoddard County




Tires Cleaned Up in Stoddard County
By: Ryan Tate

(Stoddard Co., MO)--For eight months, people in Stoddard County have seen carelessly discarded tires on the side of the road and on people's property. Now the tires are being picked up, and one of the people doing it, is a person who put them there in the first place.

Earl Christian, Junior is serving one year in jail for his role in dumping more than 300 tires across Stoddard County. He, along with fellow inmates in the county jail and some serving community service sentences, are picking up the tires for the next three days.

"People have to know if you are caught dumping inside our county, that you are going to pay for it," Stoddard County Chief Deputy Rick Cook said.

The tires are going to Dexter, where they will be shipped out as part of a grant from the Bootheel Regional Planning Commission. Christian's wife Angela is also serving a one year sentence for her role in their tire-dumping scam.