Kennett Election Results




Kennett Election Results
By CJ Cassidy

(Kennett, MO)--People in Kennett have some big changes ahead of them. Next Tuesday will see a new mayor sworn in as well as a new Chief of Police.

Residents there are also hoping to put some key issues into place. Voters failed to pass a $2,800,000 bond issue in Kennett, but Mayor Elect Donald Parker still has high hopes for the future of the city.

"I hope we can do a few things that will help create a more favorable image for industrial prospects in the area," Parker tells Heartland News. Those prospects include building a new industrial park to attract potential employers. And thanks to voters passing a 25 cent sales tax, the vision of changing the image of Kennett is still very much alive.

The sales tax hasn't officially been put into effect yet; it's up to the City Council to decide whether to do so. But Mayor Elect Parker is confident the Council will put the tax into effect.