Python reportedly on the loose in small Scott Co. town

By Crystal Britt - bio | email

DIEHLSTADT, MO (KFVS) - Neighbors are worried about a large, exotic reptile that's apparently slithering about in their town.

"We don't know for sure if the snake's under there or he's gotten away," said Barbara Sadler.

A few days ago, Barbara Sadler says her son called a bug exterminator to come check for termites under his home on Swank Street in Diehlstadt.

"When the bug man crawled under the house he came right back out," said Sadler.

That's because he allegedly saw something you just don't normally see in southeast Missouri.

"It was anywhere from a seven to ten foot long albino python wrapped up underneath there coiled up," Sadler said.  "It had just eaten. It had a full belly."

The homeowners called the sheriff's office who then contacted the conservation department.

"You see them all the time on TV, but it's definitely a first time for me," said Mississippi County Conservation Agent Ben Stratton.

Ben Stratton is new on the job, and guess what? He doesn't like snakes.

"Not a big fan if I don't know where they are. If I see them I'm okay with them," he said.

People are worried about their kids, and their animals.

"We've not seen cats, no cats. That's got us worried", said Sadler.

It's definitely the talk of the town.

"If I see it I'm going to run like a little girl and scream," one teen said.

Right now it's a mystery, the homeowner has reportedly used ammonia and moth balls to try and force the snake out.  No word, if that worked.

Neighbors have their own theories as to where the snake originated from, saying it perhaps belonged to a man who used to live in the area. He was known for having exotic pets.  Many believe he might have released the python before he left town.

People just want it found.

"We do want it resolved quickly," said Sadler.

"Maybe put a search out for it. Get it somehow," said Keno Campbell.

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