Afternoon update: Father accused of locking boy in basement

Happy April Fools!  It's no joke, this story is getting a lot of page views online today.  A father and his girlfriend face charges for allegedly locking his 14-year-old son in a basement

A dangerous drug trend sweeps through part of the Heartland as police say it appears heroin use is on the rise.  Carly O'Keefe talks with authorities about the increase.

FBI agents and Illinois State Police arrested two Cuban nationals late yesterday afternoon.  They are accused in a multi-state theft ring.  Julia Bruck tells us what three days of surveillance and a truck stop had to do with the arrests.

The Missouri House has approved legislation designed to allow the slaughter of horses for human consumption.

Laura Wibbenmeyer has an earth-shattering story about a school Making the Grade with its own seismometer.  She explains how the students are able to have a very unique learning experience.

The Missouri House has rejected an attempt to name a dog that accompanied explorers Lewis and Clark as the state historical dog.

Several websites pulled some April Fools hoaxes today.  We've got a list of some of the biggest websites and their lighthearted makeovers, including why Google decided to rename the site "Topeka."

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Christy Hendricks
News Web Producer/Reporter