Listening to Your Body




Listening to Your Body
By: Wendy Ray

You know something just doesn't feel right, but a visit to the doctor finds nothing wrong. What would you do?

A Heartland woman kept pushing to find out what was affecting her health, and even with a frightening diagnosis she's now pushing for her own recovery.
Diane Rowland has been healthy her entire life, so she wasn't expecting her diagnosis of cancer. She says now she's getting the help she needs, because she listened to her body.

"I'm like you know, I felt there was something wrong. It wasn't just in my head," Rowland says. She started feeling bad late last year. She went to the doctor, and found nothing. Rowland kept going, thinking she could handle the pain. "I woke up one day and my back was killing me, I could barely get out of bed, sit up or walk," she says. "I wasn't sleeping at night, that was a lot of it, too."

She went to the emergency room, and asked for a CAT scan. "They compared the CAT scan in November to the CAT scan in March. All of sudden there was something showing up three months later," Rowland says. This time, there were spots on her liver.

Doctors diagnosed her with liver cancer. Despite the diagnosis Rowland's still going, she really has no choice. Her job keeps her busy, so do her three children. Her twin daughters, Amber and Ashley are 14, her son Robert is four. Even though she stays on the go, she can't ignore the pain. "Just hurting everyday, just lots of pain, back's hurting, stomach's hurting," she says.

Rowland is scheduled to start chemotherapy next week. She doesn't know what her future holds, but is optimistic everything will be okay. "Only thing I can do is just hope," she says.

Rowland does have insurance, but her medical bills continue to come in.

If you're touched by her story, here's information on how you can help.

Donations can be mailed or delivered to:

The Bank of Missouri

C/O Diane Rowland Benefit Fund

1622 N. Kingshighway
Cape Girardeau, MO 63701