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By: Jordan McCollum

Safety House

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Safety House

To help ease fears children may have about storms and severe weather, a new type of safety house is being used around the country.  Last December the Union City, Tennessee Fire Department purchased a Child Safety House, which is a 29 foot, two-story camper set up to resemble a small house.  Besides teaching children how to get out of the house during a fire, the house will also have a severe weather feature.

Here's how it works:  A video-enhanced sound system and strobe lights allow children to experience a severe weather simulation in a safe and realistic enviornment.  Lieutenant Richard Stegall with the Union City Fire Department says that following the simulation his department talk with the children about the best way to seek shelter during a storm.

Stegall says the fire portion of the house has already been a helpful teaching tool and believes the severe weather feature will, too, when they begin using it later this year.  For details, call (731) 885-4851.


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