Twin Rivers School may see cuts

By Tyler Profilet

FISK, MO (KFVS) - First it was Illinois, now education cuts are hitting Missouri school districts.

Twin Rivers Superintendent Mike Stevenson says the school is in pretty good shape right now, but cuts are coming.

"When you start looking at cuts, budget cuts, the way we're probably going to be looking at them, there's no sacred cow out there. We'll look at all programs," he said.

Those cuts could include shortening bus routes, eliminating the school's gifted program, and cutting back on summer school programs that teachers say help prepare students for the next school year.

"It's disturbing to think that we will lose a valuable program that helps in the retention of a lot of their subject matter from the end of school to the beginning of school," said teacher Lesa Murray.

Murray says she spends a couple of weeks at the beginning of each school year re teaching what students should have learned the year before.

"The ones who attended were ahead of the game when they started back with school and the others had to play a bit of catch up," she said.

And school officials say less summer school could result in lower test scores.

"I do think MAP testing will suffer down the line if we don't have this extra enrichment-type program in the summer," she said.

Stevenson says it's still too early to determine if any full time teaching positions will be cut in the coming years, but says he expects larger class sizes.

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