Marine Mother Hears Word of Injuries



Marine Mother Hears Word of Injuries
By Tony Hensley

A nightmare comes true for one Heartland mother after she learns her son is wounded in Iraq.

On Sunday, a bomb ripped through the tent Lance Corporal Frederick Evans worked in along with other Marines.

20 year old Fred Evans lost at least two toes on his right foot. And because the full extent of all his injuries has not been released his mother is forced to deal with the unknown.

"They told me to stand by and they would let me know what's going on" Edna said.  That was Sunday night at ten p.m.

The five minute phone call came from Camp Pendleton in California....where the First Batallion Fifth Marines is based. The caller told Edna that her baby -- twenty year old Lance Corporal Frederick Evans had been wounded when a bomb exploded inside his tent.

Edna says "He was at the hospital base right now and they would send him where ever he needed to go before sending him home, because he had to under go more surgery".  One surgery included amputation of two toes on his right foot.

As far as any other injuries Edna says the military spokesman told her to stay home and they would get more information to her about her son's injuries.

Edna says "There was other injuries but he couldn't give me further details on it right now, they would call me later".

While she waits, Edna sits and watches old videos of Fred and realizes her worst dream has come true. "It feels like a nightmare, I've been on pins and needles waiting for a call," Edna said. Edna says even though that phone call maybe hard to take, it's definitely better than getting the alternative.

Edna said "I cry because he's okay and I cry because he is injured". 

Edna also says this is one time when no news is not good news.