Paducah Teenager Attacks Two Police Officers




Paducah Teenager Attacks Two Police Officers
By: Kate Scott

(Paducah, KY)--A Paducah teenager is facing criminal charges, after assaulting two police officers on Tuesday afternoon.

The Paducah officers had been responding to a typical domestic disturbance call at an apartment building off Old North Friendship Road.  Officers Ron Sigers and Scotty Davis thought they were about to help a family in trouble.  Instead, they were the ones who ended up needing help.

When Sigers and Davis arrived at the building, they found a 17-year old who was “agitated” and “out of control.” The juvenile had already assaulted his 15-year old brother. And he was in no mood to talk to police.  “The individual was combative towards the officers, and didn't respond to the verbal commands the officers gave him,” explains the officers’ supervisor, Paducah Police Sgt. Don Hodgson.   “A short time later, he assaulted both the officers.” 

Hodgson says the juvenile hit both officers in the face and the head with his fists, leaving one of them in need of stitches. Fortunately, Sigers and Davis were able to call for back up help, and take the teenager into custody. Then an ambulance had to come and take them to the hospital.  “This is an incident that really, really underscores how dangerous it can be for a police officer,” says Hodgson.  “It shows how quickly a situation could turn from one where they’re standing there talking to somebody, and two seconds later, the officers are fighting for their lives.”

Sgt. Hodgson says those types of situations are why Paducah police officers will start a new type of training on Wednesday.  It’s called “pressure point control.”  The new tactics will help officers use pain to subdue suspects, but not injure them. Hodgson is hopeful that the use of that type of body control will help future confrontations from escalating “out of control.”  He also points out that the Paducah officers’ current self-defense training did help keep Tuesday’s attack from ending on a worse note.  “The individual that assaulted the officers had a steak knife in his pocket,” Hodgson reveals.  “So we feel fortunate.  It’s a situation that could've been ‘a lot’ worse.”

Officers Sigers and Davis have now been released from Western Baptist Hospital in Paducah.  One of the officers will continue to see a specialist for a jaw injury.

The 17-year old assailant is in the McCracken County Detention Center, where he faces several charges, including assault of a police officer.