Heartland Church Starts 'Support Our Troops' Group

Heartland Church Starts 'Support Our Troops' Group
By: Wes Wallace

(Carbondale, IL)--As Opration Iraqi Freedom presses into the second week of war, some folks in the Heartland find themselves turning to religion and each other for guidance.

Wednesday, Lakeland Baptist Church in Carbondale started a Support Our Troops group, for family members and friends of military personnel. However, this isn't the first project the church started because of the war.

"After the war broke, we felt the need to change our normal service plans, and had one service with the whole theme about having hope in the time of war, and we talked about how God's presence is always with us," said Pastor John Horn.

Several weeks ago, Lakeland Baptist sponsored an open prayer room, as part of the National Day of Prayer. The Support Our Troops group is open to the public, and meets every Wednesday at six at the church.