Junior ROTC Students Get Taste of Discipline



Junior ROTC Students Get Taste of Discipline
By: Tony Hensley

(Poplar Bluff, MO)--Some teenagers in one Heartland town are learning at a very early age what it means to be part of the armed forces.

   Students in Poplar Bluff's Junior High School ROTC program are currently going through physical training this week.

    Several of the Junior ROTC cadets run through drill after drill.  You never heard any complaints. Because as they yell in formation....left.....right.....left.....they're marching toward a better future.

   As this group of young cadets marches in formation, and does push-ups, they're pushing themselves toward a better future. Just ask seventeen year old Andrea Campbell. She says joining the Junior ROTC three years ago has turned her life around.

   Major Greg Crites says this program also gives these student/cadets a sense of purpose, direction and motivation in their lives.

   Eighteen year old Cadet Major Jacob Martin didn't realize his potential in elementary school. When he got to high school, he new something had to change.

   What he has been doing lately is preparing for college or maybe a career in the armed forces.

   Major Crites says even though the Junior ROTC program may not be tied directly to the armed forces...it certainly points them in the right direction. He's been with  Bluff's Junior High School JROTC program for more than twenty years, and he says this is the most rewarding job he has ever had.